Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tweed Art Yarn

I've been spinning a tweedy yarn for the colder months, which I've called 'Suffolk Tweeeeeeeed' as it is made from organic wool from my next door neighbour's flock of Soay and Hebridean sheep back home in my native Suffolk, hand blended with ultra soft brightly coloured Merino and recycled plastic bottle fibre.

I've named this yarn "Suffolk Tweeeeed" as it's made from a traditional English tweed sheep breed, but updated with modern colours and fun textures! The colours are the natural dark brown's of the Hebridean and Soay sheep blended with the bright reds, purples, lime greens and turquoise of commercially dyed merino. I hand washed the fleeces after a family friend sheared the hot little sheep this summer gone, and boy did that take a long time.
Washing your own fleece is quite a long process, and involves alot of dirty work too! But the satisfaction is fantastic once you have it. After I washed the fleece I then combed it with hand carders, blending the raw Soay and Hebridean fibres with super soft organic merino in rainbow brights and a little recycled plastic bottle fibre for texture. Finally, I hand spun the yarn with my Ashford Traditional wheel.

It's in my Etsy shop... but it might not be for long as knittydirtygirl has hearted it! ( I know this might sound silly, but i was so excited that she had visited my shop- she was one of the first people who inspired me to take up the wheel!)

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