Sunday, 4 March 2012

Batts, Cats and erm, CD Drop Spindles

Thought I would share a few things I've been up to recently with you all. I've decided to really try and make a go of my Spin City shop to help fund my degree course in fashion knitwear at St Martins. I've been trying hard for a few weeks now and I am getting such a lovely response for everyone- so thank you for taking the time to read my blog and support my little shop!

So- I am usually flitting like a little spring wren from London- where I study my MA course, to Suffolk- where most of my equipment lives, such as my drum carder, fleeces and traditional wheel. Not to mention a very supportive family who tolerates my boxes of fluff everywhere! I went back last weekend and made up a few batts and handspun yarns to put in my shop. The other picture is of my very naughty Siamese cat Gizmo- who loves to sit in anything you might be looking at!

But I just wanted to help….

Then the other day, I was inspired whilst in London and marooned from my spinning stash to make a drop spindle! I made a very rudimentary one out of a cd, a plastic chopstick, some cello tape, white tack and a curtain hook thingy. You will be surprised to know that it spun just fine and I managed to get a good few yards out of it! I am planning on making some proper drop spindles with a Spin City twist to add to my shop soon- so watch this space!

Resourceful or a little too addicted to spinning wool?! 


  1. Your makeshift drop spindle is awesome! I can't believe you can actually spin with all of those random things. How clever! :)

    1. Hey! thanks. It was through sheer determination and withdrawal symptoms from spinning! I'm going to make a wooden one with my brother over Easter I think. Thanks for commenting! x