Sunday, 8 July 2012

Drop spindle Spinning, Tour De Fleece

It has been a busy week for me; Not a necessarily hard working week, but action packed nonetheless.

So, last Sunday I left off with an update about the Ravelry "Tour De Fleece". I have been spinning everyday this week- mostly on my Ashford Joy but also with my new drop spindle! I have never really spun with a drop spindle before, but it is really enjoyable, quick and best of all- it is totally portable! I even spun in the car on the way to a comedy show- rest assured it wasn't me in the drivers seat!

Next on the wheel was a drum carded batt blended with Hebridean, bamboo and sparkle, spun in a mid weight thick n' thin for me to play with. I spun about 110g and 159 meters. It's now wound it into a very stylish ball which I am knitting from periodically, i'll take a few more snaps when it develops more. 

Chunky thick n thin singles

 Finally, the last handspun/ spinning wheel shot of the post. Below is a fine lace weight yarn that I am spinning for somebody special for Christmas. I'll say no more!

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