Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Making spindles, art yarn and salads. Not all at once though.

I've been pretty busy lately with knitting for my agent. I sell knitwear designs in Paris and New York and it always feels like the clock is against me!
But, I've had the time to make a couple of spindle whorls and do a little spinning!

I've been playing with scale in my artyarns recently. Last night I made 40 yards of Jacobs x merino x Leicester longwool yarn, with bright orange slubs and long lengths of natural coloured locks dangling from it, which was fun.

I've also spun up some 'coral reef' fibre from my online shop into wiggly thread plied thick and thin, which turned out so nice I didn't want to sell it! I just kept looking at it and stroking it for a day! I hope it is loved in its new home in America!

Among all the knitting and spinning I've been doing some gardening. I've got this mammoth tomatoe plant in my garden which keeps sprouting little globes of deliciousness every time I look at it. I've had some very colourful salads, and it's so nice to give them away to friends who don't grow their own.

Lastly, I've been making new whorl weights for my spindles, out of old botany books from the 50s. I've got this huge collection of books that I've bought because I love the colour of the pages, or because of the illustrations. I keep them locked up in my bookshelf and I'm so glad that I've used them to make my spindles . They've really turned out nicely.

Now to do the drilling!

I'm thinking of making some Christmassy ones too! Is it wrong that I'm already way to excited for Christmas?!

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  1. Hi Louise congratulations on getting published in Yarnmaker, it looks like a good magazine I have ordered a copy:-) Just love the chunky yarn so fresh and light looking. Everyone loves and comments on my lovely spindle.

    Susan x