Sunday, 11 June 2017

Tour De Fleece 2017

The Tour De Fleece is only a few weeks away!
Excitement abounds in the online spinning community as we gather our stash, plan our challenges and empty bobbins in preparation.
Last year I captained a UK focused team, but this year I have decided to lead a team of my own - Team Spin City!

Again, I hear you ask "What is Tour De Fleece?! For the love of Athena (Greek goddess of spinning don't cha know) please tell me what it is all about!"
My fellow fibreista, I am honoured to let you in on the secret of this most awesome of spinning based events. The Tour De Fleece runs alongside the more well known "Tour De France" and encourages spinners to spin a little each day the tour runs. There are challenge days and rest days, just like our cycle counterparts will be taking part in, but instead of cycling up a mountain allez a la Provence, we might decide to try to spin uber fine lace weight, try our hand at corespinning, or adding beads for example.
The tour runs from the 1st of July through to Sunday the 23rd of July, and you are welcome to join my team!
I will be hosting it on Ravelry, and on my Facebook chat group.  I have made a free downloadable and printable planner for the event which I hope will add to the fun times.
"But what do I actually have to DO?" I hear you cry! Well, try to spin each day of the tour, then take pictures of your progress and post them when you feel like it for us all to see! You can post on the facbook group, instagram, Ravelry or twitter if the mood takes you. It's great fun feeling part of a community and seeing what everyone makes. Of course, you don't have to take pictures or share if you don't feel comfortable with it.

I will personally be spinning by both wheel and spindle if i'm out and about. I like art yarns so will try a couple of different style and I will probably have a fine project on the go to.

I'm taking pre orders for T shirts and tote bags too, hand screen printed by my brother! Here is a mock up of one design:
tour De Fleece yellow T Shirt
Tour De Fleece Tee in Jolly Jaune
tour de fleece bag

Links below if you want to know where it's at!


Free downloadable planner:

tour de fleece

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