Sunday, 22 November 2009

Knitting HUGE and experimenting with dye...

I was looking online last night and ordered some of some gorgeous Kettle Dyed roving- which got me thinking... how exactly do you Kettle Dye? So I did a quick google and came across this link before plunging some roving into the nearnest pot!

I have also been doing lots of project distraction activities as the thought of starting work on my exhibition piece is just so stressful! I have spun all the yarn and knitted a GIANT chunky sweater.

I love the anarchic, chaotic look the chunky handspun creates.. it reminds me of Rodarte's recent collections. I've also washed, picked, carded and spun 100 grams of yarn from a fleece my boyfriend got me from a trip to wales last summer.... pictures to follow! I really must get on with my college work now! oh deary.

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