Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Handspun Drop Stitch and a Spring London Evening

I've been really busy recently with my MA course work, a few 'all nighters' had to be pulled to get everything in on time!

During my mad rush of work I had been thinking in the back of mind about stitch patterns that would look lovely with hand spun yarn, so yesterday I got the size 10mm out and set about with an odd 30 grams of turquoise, strawberry, lilac and green merino and silk thick n' thin and had a play!

I knitted a random drop stitch design by wrapping yarn around the needles two or three extra times per stitch on the knit rows, then dropping the extra loops off on the purl rows, alternating randomly between plain knit stitches, wrapping twice and wrapping three times to get a higgledy piggeldy lumpy bumpy undulating pattern that shows off the natural colour changed and structure of hand spun yarn!

I would usually go something like this : knit two, knit two with two extra wrapped loops, knit one, knit two with three extra loops etc. I hope that makes sense!

I think it makes the fabric look more chunky than it would have done knitted plainly, and it also has a lovely Lacey mermaid look to it too!

I thought I would share one more picture I quickly took while running to catch my train at Charring Cross station on London of Trafalgar Sq.
Spring was in the air!

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  1. So pretty! I've been wondering about how I would use chunkier yarn!