Saturday, 17 March 2012

Wedding fair!

I have been a little distracted from my etsy shop recently because I have been planning my wedding!

My mum and I traveled a few hours to Birmingham yesterday where we checked into a last minute hotel and spent what was left of our afternoon shopping at the Bullring- Birmingham's big shopping centre, where we bought nail polish and spring dresses, rounding off the night with a simply gorgeous Thai meal in a restaurant that had a jellyfish aquarium! I loved watching the little jellies blobbing up and down with their swirling tendrils and transparent wedding dress-like bodies.

Then, today we went to the NEC, England's largest exhibition centre for the National Wedding fair!

It was huge! There was everything a Bride could dream of, from 'trees' made entirely from chocolate, personalised locks to attach to a favourite romantic landmark, cakes in the shape of pillows and a rolling fashion show displaying the current trends in wedding dresses.

I was so excited to find the Etsy stand, where there were lots of special hand made decorations and present ideas, I particularly liked the wooden place settings. Here is a picture of me with my big "I'm so excited to be at the Etsy stand wearing a handmade rose garland headpiece" grin. It was really nice to meet other Etsyer's in the flesh too, and we discussed how there wasn't nearly enough individuality or handmade touches at the fair on the whole.

The most memorable part of the day and my trip was when I tried on my first wedding dress - what an experience! I didn't want to take it off! Picture a traditional meringue dress with sparkles and tulle; Really pretty with elegant embroidery and beading on the corseted bodice and a long train.
I suppose you can't buy the first dress you try, but it will certainly stay on my mind! I would really love to make my own dress from scratch... Hmmm.

Anyway, lots of batts to take pictures of tomorrow!

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