Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spinning in the Garden

Spinning in my vintage spring dress in the sunlight... bliss
England has a heat wave! It was over 21 degrees today and I spent the whole day outside, spinning and dyeing and setting yarn!
What are you doing in my garden?! says Gizmo

Gizmo- The curious cat!
I have finished spinning up the Dried Lavender batts into softly spun singles, and I think they look really subtle, natural and lovely. I can imagine them as a pretty cable knit cushion with chunky hand made wooden buttons. yum! But I will have to wait what they get made into!

Dried Lavender
I then spun 100g of Bubbles, Paris Sunset, Cinnamon Toast and Misty Harbour for another custom request from a lovely Etsyer. Cinnamon toast in particular spun up a treat! it was really smooth and really soft. Bubbles was really fun to spin! I love interesting textures!

I finished the day off with a quick 20 minute bike ride with my brother around the village (I am back in the homeland for Easter) and you really cant beat England when the sunshines. The fields around our home were alive with Pheasants and Grouse all clucking and scurrying
around, and the warm low level sunlight gave the budding trees a magical glow. It felt like the perfect summer day but the leaves were missing!
Cinnamon Toast


I must do some of my course work tomorrow, but I am having too much fun spinning in the sunlight! I've got Spice Rack, Mermaid and Peacock left to spin for my custom order and a couple of batts to ship out before I can knuckle down, and I also said I could help my brother make a glittery jacket for a "Punk Stars In Their Eyes" club night!! The things I get up too!


  1. Crochet with Raymond27 March 2012 at 18:38

    lovely! that looks like bliss!

  2. I know! It really was. I love your little siamese kitty by the way! I have two, a torty - Lola, and a lilac - Gizmo, who is always around when I spin. He would be happiest if I sat and spun with him on my knee all day! silly kitty. I love your blog btw! x

  3. Hi,Louise! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Aren't you the clever one? Your spinning is absolutely amazing. I particularly love the blue 'Bubbles' one. Spinning is on the Goatmother's bucket list. Who knows. She has friends with sheep who spin, so it may actually happen one day. Gizmo is beautiful, by the way. :)

  4. Hi! You should take up spinning! it is so much fun and you can make the most interesting yarns! Thanks for coming over to say hi! x

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a comment!

    Believe me, I'd love to visit rural Olde England, my Dear. But at my age, I don't think it will happen. So I have to do so, via blogs and etc.

    You spin. My daughter does, also. Nope I don't. Don't even knit. That gene is from her paternal grandmother. Not from me. ,-)

    OH OH! You have the awful Word Ver. Setting on. Which makes your Dear Readers do the awful 2 boxes of weird words thing. -sigh- Some bloggers will simply not even try to comment, on such blogs. But I hate to just walk away, and you never know why. So, I say this. Even though some may get mad at me, for so saying. ,-)

    Do you know you have that awful Word. Verification Setting on? Perhaps you could check and see? And maybe, maybe, maybe you will want to take it off???

    Don't me mad at me, for mentioning this, please....

    Gentle hugs,
    "I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

    1. hey! I didn't even know it existed! So thanks for letting me know, and thanks for commenting and visiting my little old blog!

  6. Oooh what amazing, inspiring colours you use in your batts, so clever! I have recently dusted off the wheel and got back into spinning, not very good yet lol :) love your vintage dress! Ali :)

    1. Thanks Ali! I love that dress too! So summery- if only now it is summer i could wear it- the weather in England is yucky. I'd love to see anything you make on your wheel! good luck! x