Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spinning up lavender and visiting kittens!

I couldn't wait to get up this morning and start spinning my 'dried lavender' fibre batt for a lovely Etsyer who commissioned me to make 200g for her.

Everyone else in my house is still fast asleep (it's 9am on a saturday!) but I snook out to my spinning wheel, opened the curtains on a lovely spring day and set about twisting wool, silk and flax linen!

It's coming along beautifully. I love the flashes of oyster pink every now and then and the pretty texture the natural flax gives when mixed with merino.

Yesterday I went to a local cat sanctuary with my family to give some desperately needed love and to scout out a new friend for my mum. I always feel so sorry for those poor little kitties! Here's a picture of some of the wee babies they had! I love the grey one...


  1. Those kittens are just adorable! Did your mum come home with one?

  2. I know! they are just the sweetest little things! We are still undecided- there are so many cats that need rescuing we are spoilt for choice! I think we will be going for a little white and ginger spot kitten... but I love those little babies above too! decisions decisions!