Sunday, 26 May 2013

Drop spindle making update

It's been a little while in the process but my drop spindles are taking shape and are almost finished!

I wanted to make some pretty drop spindles as you spend so long looking at them! I've made some with pressed flowers from my garden, some with antique lace and some with sparkles!

Here are some pics!

They'll be in my etsy shop soon. :-)


  1. These look beautiful and very collectable looking forward to seeing them at Fibre East


  2. These are gorgeous and the way they are photographed make them look so wonderful, like posh ice lollies!

  3. Hey everyone! Thanks so much! I am photographing them soon and I'm hoping to have them online next week. :-)

  4. They look very pretty...I think half the temptation to start spinning is pretty drop spindles.