Friday, 27 March 2015

Blossom Batts, Pottery and knitting ties

This had been a very constructive week for me so far, not to mention very busy! 
I was featured on the Susan B Anderson blog recently which led to lots of orders in my Etsy shop from her readers- which was totally unexpected but very very exciting! So I have been working over in my Spin City studio creating batts and fibres for all of my lovely new customers. 
Yesterday afternoon I was creating a few blossom batts for an order, and they looked so gorgeous and sweet I posted a picture on Instagram. 
They really do look like blossoms! I've been overjoyed watching the dainty flowers unfurl along my road recently- I always plan to do a watercolour of the plum tree nearby but I never find the time. At least I get to think about the blossom trees while making this gorgeous batt! 
I have also been busy as a spring bee knitting ties for my friends wedding! 

They are a very creative couple and asked me to make 18 (!!) knitted ties for all of the groomsmen. Of course- I said HELL YES.
It gave me a chance to get back on my old 10 guage industrial knitting machine that I used during my knitwear degree. She is beautiful- made in the 40s, she is solid metal and has rows of shining needle teeth, 20 needles (or stitches in hand knitting terms) per inch. That's a lot of needles!
I wanted to make them look really professional- and seeing as I had so many to make, these machines are such a dream to use I sped my way along! 
Each tie was over 800 rows long? And I think it probably took me over a solid working week to make them all if I add up all the hours. 
I knitted it in a semi rib pattern for stability, and made a rainbow of pastels to fit in with their theme. I am so proud of them, and I can't wait to see them on the groomsmen! 
For the last update about my week, it was the final day of term of my pottery class! Noooooo! (Cries) 
I have enjoyed it so much, having two hours put aside on a Thursday to get my hands messy and concentrate on something other than daily life is blissfull, and addictive! 
I made these pots on the wheel last night, and I am very pleased with them. Conquering the wheel is something I want to master next term.
I hope your week has been busy!


  1. Those blossom batts are something else. Absolutely beautiful. I think if I had them I wouldn't even want to do anything with them except put them on a shelf and look at them! xx