Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wonderwool Wales 2015

Ive just come back from Wonderwool!

Wonderwool was amazing this year! It was my second time showing there and I was in hall 3, which was new last year.

I took a massive stall and filled it with all my usual furniture, fluff and spindles!

Spinning on my stall

Wonderwool had such a great atmosphere, the people who I met were just as enthusiastic as me when it comes to fibre and spinning! 
One of the best bits for me was meeting some of my customers from last year, who came back to share what they had done or learnt! 
Here a customer of mine came back to show me what she did with a single (yes a single!!) mermaid batt, which she spin and plied with a commercial silk thread and then knitted into a gorgeous waterfall shawl! 
Waterfall shawl made from a single batt!

Lace pattern
Detail - spun from my Mermaid Batt
I love the way the colours stripe! 
My second favourite thing about ring part of Wonderwool is actually being in Wales! 
It's such a beautiful country- full of hills and greenery and sheep! Heaven! 
Below is a picture of Builth Wells where the show is held, which I snapped just before leaving for Suffolk again. 
I hope to go again next year! 

Builth Wells

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