Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Making for Yarndale 2016

I thought I would spam you with some pictures from my studio this week. You don't mind do you? Thought so!

I've been making wild and colourful batts. This one i've named "Highlighter Rainbow" and I just can't stop looking at it. It's NEON. yes. NEONNNNNNN :-D

Rainbow spinning batt
Rainbow batt for spinning

I've also spinning yarns. I've made some fun art yarns with whole lengths of sequins spun in, and if anyone was to look up the definition of "mermaid yarn" in the dictionary i'm certain you would see a picture of my yarn in there. ;-)
Pretty spinning batts, drop spindle and art yarn

mermaid art yarn with sequins 
 I've also making many, many spindles. I've started experimenting with interesting patterned paper that looks a bit like some tie dye and also kaleidoscope designs. Can't wait to show you those! I may also have been making some fan fiction inspired spindles for Doctor Who and Harry Potter fans. :-D
I can show you some pictures of me pressing some Hydrangea's from my garden though, ready to set inside my spindles. I had such a relaxing evening pressing flowers.

Finally, here is a picture of my "E numbers" batt with one of my new disco "blingles"

I can't wait for Yarndale, and I hope to see some of your friendly faces there. L x

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  1. Looking forward to Yarndale, although you may well be bad for my bank account