Saturday, 10 September 2016

Mint Green Painted Kromski Fantasia

My custom painted Kromski Fantasia spinning wheel 
I just got this baby painted a gorgeous vintage mint green for a dear customer of mine. I love it! I was inspired by this pretty picture of Pantone 345, with all it's 1960s vibes. Don't you think it's turned out gorgeously? 

Pantone 345

60's mint green painted Kromski Fantasia
This wheel was a surprise birthday present for a customer's friend, who was obsessed with green. Apparently she adored it. :-D 
Mint green Kromski fantasia
I'm planning on adding two more colours to my standard range of custom options for the Fantasia, to include a vintage lilac and pink alongside this mint green and my original baby blue wheel. So fun! I really love my baby blue Fantasia, it's so cheerful and uplifting to use. I particularly love the high shine of the paintwork too. Yum! 

Baby Blue painted Kromski Fantasia 

Someone recently asked to buy my wheel from my at a wool festival, and I didn't have the heart to say no as they were so enthusiastic about the paintwork. I really missed having my little bluebird around my studio. I've now got another wheel painted up and it's going to be mine,( all mine, all mine! ) I've decided to keep a couple of extra wheel parts painted up and in stock as they have been so popular, so I will never be without my blue wheel again. :-) 

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