Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Designing and planning with Handspun

Happy New year everyone!

Just a quick blog to show you a very pretty little mini swatch I made using some thick n think handspun I've been working on.

I made it using some dyed roving (Apple Bobbing) spinning it fast and lumpy bumpy on my Country Spinner. Then, I've been plying it with some viscose sewing thread in this gorgeous pale champagne colour, sometimes letting a gold lurex thread autowrap around it as I go along, and sometimes adding in a couple of sequins.

I couldn't wait to play the whole thing so I made this little swatch using 12mm knitting needles and 7 stitches. It might be a bit loose for some of your knitting tates, but I really love that soft, open look to my knits.

I'm thinking it would knit up into a gorgeous squigy hip length cardi, open with no buttons. Kind of Missoni-esq and great to wear with tea dresses or jeans.

It would be a very fast, satisfactory project to get me my knitting projects for 2014!

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